How Much Do Lawyers Make

Information On How Much Do Lawyers Make

How much do lawyers make? Lawyers are professionals who, in basic terms, are responsible for carrying out the law for their clients. There are so many different specialities that a lawyer could take on. This includes criminal law, insurance, personal injury, tax, etc. When a person needs to take on the law in some way, he would need a lawyer to represent him.

The field of law has always been a well-paying career in United States. How much do lawyers make? Lawyers earn a median annual salary of $129,000 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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How Much Do Lawyers Make By State

Lawyers salary can vary according to many factors, which include geographical location, area of practice, and years of experience. There are several high paying states for lawyers. These states include California, Texas, New York, and Washington.

  • California 

How much do lawyers make in the state of California? We all know that this state has one of the richest and largest economies. Given that fact, it is expected that lawyers make a lot in this state. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, lawyers in California earn an average of $156,750 annually.

  • New York

Aside from California, New York is also a high paying state for lawyers. Lawyers in New York make an average annual salary of $152,710. Also, lawyers in the metropolitan region of New York earn much because the some of the largest law firms are located in that area.

  • Texas

how much do lawyers makeTexas is also a high-paying state for lawyers. It is reported that starting annual salary for lawyers range from $30,000 to $70,000. But then again, this can vary depending on the pool of client the law firms have. Bigger law firms have much more clients. Texan lawyers can earn up to $158,000 per year.

  • Washington

And lastly, the home of the American power, Washington D.C., is expected to pay high salaries to lawyers. Washington DC has the largest law firms in United States. It is not surprising that the starting annual salary for these large law firms is $160,000.

How Much Do Lawyers Make by City

According to US News, for the US cities, some of the highest paying cities for lawyers in United States are San Jose, California with an annual salary payment of $184,660; Danbury in Connecticut with an annual salary payment of about $174,540; and San Francisco, California with an annual payment of approximately $172,080.

How much do lawyers make? It really varies. The provided salary ranges here would just be the start of what you would be earning as a lawyer. You can earn much more as you get more experience. The more reputable you are as a lawyer, the higher you can bill your clients per hour.



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